Map of Philly Asian Markets

Colors are: Red, Purple, and Blue = East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Shades of Green = Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao, Indonesian, Filipino), and Yellow/Orange = “other” (Turkish, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Russian). Obviously my focus is a little more on East and Southeast Asia. White markers depict markets that have closed. Click on the detail icon in the upper left hand corner for more info.

Do you know of markets that I haven’t identified? Please let me know!

19 Responses to Map of Philly Asian Markets

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  8. Romond Pickett says:

    I am looking for real seeded limes…


    • Thanks for raising that question Romond–isn’t it interesting that over the past several years it seems that all of our citrus has gone completely seedless? I don’t have a ready answer for you. I get my limes from markets all over Philly, but I think they have ALL been seedless. I’ll keep that question in mind as I continue my explorations…

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    • One more thought… key limes might be what you are looking for. Hung Vuong on Washington typically has these in bags.


  9. Donna Dolphin says:

    Great stuff, thanks for writing the blog and for putting together this map. I live in South Philly and love the Asian markets on 7th south of Snyder. Here’s one that could be added to the map: Nusantara Store at 2115 S 7th street. They sell Indonesian dry goods and pantry items, and on weekend mornings offer a large assortment of Indonesian takeout platters, pastries, and breakfast items.


    • Thanks very much for pointing out Nusantara Donna! Over time I do hope to explore more corner stores like this one–I know there are a lot more that actually have Asian food offerings than what I’ve labeled on the map so far. I’m excited to see what Indonesian breakfast items they might have!


  10. artemisz says:

    This is an amazing resource. Thank you so much for posting.

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  11. SFMart says:

    They are very diverse, you can find all kinds of groceries there especially the ramen….


  12. There’s a hung vuong food market over at the Mayfair shopping center on Levick and Frankford, it replaced the Shop-n-Bag


    • Thanks for letting me know about that development Lore! That is exciting–I presume it is Vietnam-focused with that name? Have you been inside?


    • I just looked it up on Google Maps–that’s a new Heng Fa market (the Chinese market who bought out Hung Vuong at Washington and 12th and kept the Vietnamese Latin character name! Wow, I had no idea about that development. Looks like they are becoming an empire.


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