Southern Thai-style curried okra


Today’s ingredient isn’t super exotic. Okra is of course widely available in the US. Okra looked particularly good at my local Cambodian market, and it became today’s breakfast. This recipe comes from a beautiful Thai language cookbook that I found in Phuket, focusing on foods of Thai Muslim peoples of the South อาหารมุสลิม [Muslim food] by นิดดา หงษ์วิวัฒน์ [Nidda Hongwiwat].

Recipe: Fried okra – ผัดกระเจิ๊ยบ

The method for making this dish is very simple. Fry sliced shallots in some ghee, then “bloom” ground spices, add some water to make a sauce, and add in coarsely chopped okra and salt. Heat until okra are just cooked through.


Ingredients for the dish: sliced shallots, okra, 4 ground spices tumeric, cumin, chile pepper, and coriander


Fry shallots until fragrant, and add ground spices. Fry until spices are fragrant


Add some water to make a sauce


Coarsely chop okra (looks nice to chop on the bias)


This goes well with eggs, and it would be great with roti or rice.

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