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Fragrant and crispy peppers, for snacking on

In recent years an interesting snack seems to be trending all around China: fried “fragrant and crispy” peppers (香脆椒, aka 香辣酥), sometimes translated into English as “fried chile crisp”, or “magic chili”. I don’t recall seeing these in the 90s … Continue reading

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Guilin rice noodles for breakfast

My 2014 posts on Guilin rice noodles (Guilin mifen 桂林米粉 master stock and noodle staging) are two of the most viewed posts on this blog. Google is the primary referrer, and I attribute these search engine queries to: 1. people … Continue reading

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New feature: Asian Green Vegetable Guide

We all need to eat more green vegetables. In fact, they are an essential part of any meal. Most of my posts tend to revolve around main dishes, often with meat, but at our house we almost always have a … Continue reading

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Asian Markets of Ulaanbaatar

Greetings from the land of the great blue sky! Over the next few weeks I’ll have a series of posts from here in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar, and its environs. Food shopping here is very interesting, and in recent … Continue reading

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Purslane, fried as vegetable

I came across this vegetable recently in a local store.  It is known as purslane in English, machixian (馬齒莧) in Mandarin, and semiz otu in Turkish—I provide these names as I know of its culinary use in China and Turkey … Continue reading

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Yellow figs from Xinjiang and Turkey

I was surprised to come across yellow figs at a local market several weeks ago.  I was used to having a double-take every time I saw dried Chinese chestnuts (they look quite similar), but alas we really do now have … Continue reading

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Lanzhou pulled noodles and “secret” ingredients

For those who have experienced it, a trip to a hand-pulled noodle (lamian 拉面 in Mandarin) shop is a culinary highlight of China.  Often these shops are named after their product: “beef noodles”(牛肉面), or “Lanzhou pulled noodles” (兰州拉面). In China, … Continue reading

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